Will you have enough energy to do effective exercise on a CC diet? I tried an Atkins diet once, but I just didn’t feel much like exercising when I was on it.

That’s not uncommon. Studies show that people on low-carb diets tend to be less motivated to do aerobic exercise, probably because their liver glycogen stores are very low. (When runners run out of glycogen, they “hit the wall”.) But a CC diet is not necessarily low carb — in fact, you can eat a lot of carbs with your daily “reward meal” — enough to fill your liver glycogen stores. So if you want to do lots of aerobics with a CC diet, just make sure you eat a lot of carbs when permitted to. Note that the Hellers strongly recommend exercise with their regimen. This helps to burn more fat, and also promotes muscle insulin sensitivity, so that your daily insulin secretion will be even lower.

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