Why haven’t I heard more about Carb Concentration diets?

This formulation has just begun to be circulated. But millions of people bought the Hellers’ books, so a lot of people have heard about a special case of them. Unfortunately, the Hellers have never published their clinical experience in formal scientific papers, so the medical profession knows little about this strategy. They did do a comparison study that looked at how people did when carbs were split over 3 meals or eaten in one meal; the CC dieter were much more successful at achieving weight loss. But for whatever reason this isn’t in the medical literature. Other than that, the Hellers have years of experience in helping overweight people get leaner and healthier, but the medical authorities tend to deride this as “anecdotal experience”. If CC diets are ever to gain greater respect from “the powers that be”, doctors need to be encouraged to try CC diets with their patients, and to publish their clinical experience in medical journals. We hope to encourage this. And scientists investigating practical life extension strategies ought to take a serious look at CC diets too. But especially important in the CC approach is the link deduced in the above paper between CC diets and caloric restriction dieting experiments. This plus links to autophagy and hormesis suggest that diets with long windows of low insulin should be very promising.

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