When I eat carbohydrates to excess in a day and develop higher insulin and glucose levels, does this produce a short-term increase in weight — and what is the nature and permanence of this weight gain?

If you gain a couple of pounds because of a day of indulgence, it’s not primarily fat weight you have gained, but rather water weight. Increases in blood insulin levels act on the kidneys to boost the retention of sodium and chloride; if you are eating a salted diet, as most of us do, this will be associated with some temporary fluid retention. Once you get back on your CC regimen, and your insulin goes down, you will readily get rid of that sodium and water, and your weight will be back down. Don’t become too distressed or elated about temporary small variations in your weight — just try to stick with the program as best you can. If you succeed most of the time, you should do well.

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