The Hellers say that eating carbs with three meals daily is bad for weight control. Then why did the Japanese stay so lean on their traditional diet that is about 80% carbs — mostly high-glycemic-index white rice?

If all your life your diet has been extremely low in fat, you’re not likely to ever get fat. That’s because almost all of the fatty acids in our bodies come from the fat in our diet. But that isn’t very relevant to what most Americans face — they’ve already gotten fat by eating diets rich in both fat and in high-glycemic index carbs, which have prevented that fat from being burned. Clinical studies show that moderately reducing dietary fat while keeping carb intake high just isn’t very effective for achieving meaningful weight loss. Diets very severely restricted in fat — like the Pritikin diet — work somewhat better, if accompanied by exercise — but most people find them unappealing and won’t stick with them. Diets that promote fat burning either by keeping total carb intake low, or by restricting significant carb intake to a single meal, seem to work better for most people.

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