Mark F. McCarty

Mark McCarty was born in Texas in 1951, but grew up in southern California, obtaining his undergraduate education in biochemistry at UC San Diego, Revelle College, graduating magna cum laude. He commenced his medical education by enrolling at UC San Diego School of Medicine as a Regents Scholar. After two years, he took a one year sabbatical to research and write a book manuscript, Nutritional Aspects of Degenerative Disease. Following a further year of medical training, his growing concern that nutritional measures were grossly neglected in medical practice led him to leave medical school and devote his career to applied nutrition, taking a job as Research Director with Nutrition 21. During 20 years of affiliation with this company, he played a key role in the development and clinical testing of organic supplemental selenium (high-selenium yeast, L-selenomethionine) as well as chromium picolinate.

During this period, McCarty published scores of articles on a wide range of biomedical topics in the medical literature, most of them appearing in the journal Medical Hypotheses. He has been awarded 7 U.S. patents (composition of matter and/or use) for a variety of applied nutritional measures. Working with Dr. Babak Bahadori and John Gustin, he has developed a “mini-fast with exercise” strategy for fat loss that has demonstrated good efficacy in clinical practice and in a recent published clinical trial. He is also co-founder of a mail-order nutritional supplements company, NutriGuard Research, for which he has developed the product line. Following his affiliation with Nutrition 21, McCarty has worked as a consultant to Pantox Labs in San Diego, and to the Block Integrative Cancer Care Clinic in Evanston, Illinois. He is currently a consultant to Oasis of Hope Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, which specializes in integrative cancer care; to Whitaker Wellness Institute, an advocate of alternative/integrative health strategies; and to Guardion, a new company developing nutraceutical products for prevention and treatment of macular degeneration. He is also working with Jeremy J. Stone to assess and promulgate the carbohydrate-concentrated diet concept as an aid for leanness and longevity, and serves on the editorial board of Journal of Medicinal Food. He is a strong advocate of vegan diets and of spirulina-centered antioxidant strategies for health promotion. He continues to author numerous technical publications.

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