Besides concentrating my carbs in a single daily meal, are there special food choices that will enhance the effects of the CC diet?

Try not to binge on carbohydrates in this main meal and to eat the carbs with a balanced meal. The foods you choose, besides carbs, and in the other meals, can be chosen to be low in glycemic index.

Your food choices can have a major impact on your ability to keep your insulin levels low throughout much of the day, mitigate the adverse effect of ectopic fat on your metabolic health, and control the IGF-I activity that is a major driver of aging and cancer risk. By choosing starchy foods or fruits that are whole, structurally intact, and relatively low in glycemic index, you can minimize the extent to which insulin rises after a carb-rich meal. Adding vinegar or a handful of almonds to a meal is a simple way to lower its effective glycemic index. A largely plant-based or Mediterranean diet in which the ratio of saturated to unsaturated fat is kept very low can mitigate the adverse impact of ectopic fat on health and, in particular, promote better insulin muscle sensitivity so that daily insulin levels are kept relatively low; an ancillary benefit will be a reduction in the level of LDL cholesterol particles, toxic to the arteries. A unique type of dietary fat known as medium-chain triglycerides is rapidly burned for fuel after its consumption, and has potential for aiding weight control while promoting production of ketone bodies beneficial for brain health. And recent evidence has emerged that a plant-based diet of moderate protein content can lower IGF-I levels — an effect which may play a key role in the low risk for major “Western” cancers long enjoyed by much of the rural Third World, and that has potential for slowing aging. This website will summarize the evidence supporting these points. Dietary choices of this sort are completely compatible with CC dieting — though we want to stress that the low-insulin weight control benefits of CC diets can also be achieved by those who choose to stick with the omnivorous food choices they have grown up with and prefer.

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